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You are a powerful psychic healer....

There is an energetic virus in the collective that corrupts the human—and you hold the cure. Your power has been there all along, but it’s been suppressed by emotional traumas and self sabotaging beliefs that have been unconsciously passed to you. These burdens drive toxic behaviors and cause you to mistakenly associate “Love” with rejection and chaos, instead of respect and kindness—leaving you wondering, why me? 

In this spellbinding “do it yourself” guide, you will learn how to:

  • Break addictions (food, sex, drugs, alcohol, money, negative thoughts, etc.)
  • Stop judging yourself and others
  • Say goodbye to anxiety
  • Free yourself from toxic narcissistic relationships
  • Find soul mate Love 


This book is your secret key to tapping into your undiscovered potential, breaking down complex paradigms of limiting beliefs, and unveiling the invisible world of energy. 

Let the power within you light the way!


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Welcome Beautiful Soul...

Do you want to surrender your fear and release doubt?

I’ve come a long way in my journey and now I’m here to serve you. I help women (and men) make massive shifts in all aspects of their lives. I make use of all my gifts to reveal the truth, so you can make an empowered decision for your life. I do not make “predictions” because life is not happening to you. You are actively co-creating your life with every decision. Here is what we can cover:

-releasing emotional burdens

-healing limiting beliefs

-identifying solutions to problems that cause turmoil

-improving communication in relationships

-coping skills through emotionally difficult times

-strengthening self-esteem

-setting and achieving personal goals

-attracting soul mate Love

Together we can break toxic cycles, begin positive behavioral change, and heal the most important relationship—the one you have with yourself! By giving personalized support and my full undivided attention, I will guide you to discover your true potential and move past your fears and limiting beliefs.

I’m extremely passionate about using my creativity, intuitive gifts, experience, and intelligence to lead you on a path of soul-growth, healing, and self-discovery.

Every exercise I recommend is grounded in Love and empathy. I strive to use my healing services to tackle a variety of complex challenges, even if they seem impossible to solve right now. My unique spiritual approach and visualization techniques are sure to give you groundbreaking perspectives that will transform your mindset. I make it my mission to zero in on the causes of your blocks. These blocks can only be released once we know the “what” and “why”. 

My sessions are a perfect fit for anyone wishing to overcome their fears, get unstuck, and take control of their destiny. Is this you?

Here's how you can come into my world...

  • My “podcast” where I do live readings every Wednesday @7pm PST on Instagram @PsychicKyla
  • Sound Bath & Meditation every 1st and 3rd Sunday at Club Evexia in Marin


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