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My book writing journey was not an easy one! Thank you to my mentor Sonia Choquette for guiding me through the process and endorsing my cover. Available now!


Discover a magical world of energy through self healing…

In this transformative “do it yourself” guide, professional healer and psychic medium Kyla Lam will open your eyes to a path of emotional freedom and bliss. Difficult life experiences and traumas drive toxic behaviors, but underneath it all is where the magic lives.

You will learn how to:

  • Break addictions (food, sex, drugs, alcohol, money, negative thoughts, etc.)
  • Stop judging yourself and others
  • Say goodbye to anxiety
  • Free yourself from toxic relationships
  • Find soul mate Love
  • Discover your psychic gifts

This book is your secret key to tapping into your undiscovered potential, breaking down complex paradigms of limiting beliefs, and unveiling the magic that is you.

Let the power within you light the way!

about me

I am not the traditional psychic medium

are you ready to surrender self doubt and create the life you really want?

I have worked intimately with human souls for the last 18 years. I make use of all my gifts (mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience) to help you reach clarity through the vibration of truth, enabling you to take empowered action with conviction—today.

I can tell you what you are in the process of manifesting and pulling into your current reality because you are actively co-creating your life with every decision, however I do not make outright “predictions” because life is not happening to you—you are making life happen.  Here is what we can cover in our one on one sessions:

-reveal the truth of your situation

-release emotional burdens

-heal toxic behaviors

-identify solutions to problems that cause turmoil

-improve communication in relationships

-mentorship for personal business and relationship goals

-attract soul mate Love / Love mentorship

If you desire personal transformation beyond your imagination, work with me personally in a long term container:

-3 month / 6 month/ 1 year mentorship to create the life of joy and Love that you truly desire. This is THE WORK for long lasting and permanent change.  Includes daily access to me over Marco Polo App and 1:1 conversations.

I help women (and men) make massive shifts in all aspects of their lives through doing THE WORK. The work is your willingness to heal self sabotaging stories, and end self abandonment to claim a life of confidence, clarity and optimism.

Together we can heal the most important relationship—the one you have with yourself! By giving personalized support and my full undivided attention, I will guide you to discover your true potential and move past your fears and limiting beliefs into a life you deserve.

Every exercise I recommend is grounded in Love and empathy in a judgment free zone. I have done the work and personally overcame my addictions to toxic relationships, drugs, sex , alcohol and even over working; there is nothing that you can say or do that will surprise me!

I strive to use my healing and intuitive services to tackle a variety of complex challenges, even if they seem impossible to solve right now. My unique spiritual approach and visualization techniques are sure to give you groundbreaking perspectives that will transform your mindset. I make it my mission to zero in on the causes of your blocks. These blocks can only be released once we know the “what” and “why”.

My sessions are a perfect fit for anyone wishing to overcome their fears, get unstuck, and take control of their destiny. Is this you?

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