Kyla Lam

Kyla Lam

Transforming lives one elevated conversation at a time...

Are you ready to have the relationships and the life you deserve? It starts with you.

Meet Kyla

18 Years Of Intimate Conversations With Men & Women

Clairvoyant, Medium and Professional Intuitive.

Get ready to have an elevated conversation like never before. I make use of all my gifts (mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience) to help you reach clarity to why your relationships have not been working thus far. My wisdom and style of guidance is progressive and action based, only for those ready to make changes and shifts for the better. You can heal yourself and your relationships. I can help you find Love through living a connected, aligned and meaningful life.

Here is what we can cover in our conversations:

Tired of swiping? Have dating apps become your personal hell?

I used to be you. Tons of matches in my queue, flaking on dates, ongoing penpal conversations with people I’m not sure I want to meet–totally burned out, disenchanted, and wondering if I should just give up and be alone (but terrified at the thought of it).
Real talk: Dating doesn’t have to be an emotional drain and a drag on your self esteem. Love exists for you and it’s a fun, carefree experience. It’s not about finding love by going on as many dates as possible, it’s about attracting love effortlessly by doing the emotional and energetic work that comes with revealing your heart–the real you.
Your soul mate cannot find you and you cannot connect with a true soul mate without a deep emotional awareness and understanding of your past traumas and disappointments and projections. You must know your own heart and fall so deeply in love with yourself that your energy radiates and magnetizes soul mate matches to you. 
There is no such thing as “the one”, there is an abundance of love in the world (many “the ones”!), but it starts with you. And YES, you can find success on a dating app. I have my own strategies that I have implemented to find the man of my dreams. There are great people out there! Believe it!

I will help you do that energetic work and teach you my strategies, so you can find the love and loves of your life. We will make it an exciting adventure! Let’s get started!

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